October 12, 2014: Abbreviated Field Report

Abbreviated Field Report:

Glock 22 Winchester JHP, Kel-Tec PF9 Grip Extension


I had a discussion with my Uncle in Texas a few months ago and the subject of self-defense ammunition came up.  He repeated what an instructor had told him that self-defense ammo begins with a “4”.  He practices this advice. Continue reading


October 8, 2014: Introduction

Keep and Bear, LLC was formed to provide instruction and training to law-abiding citizens, so that they may become responsible and proficient firearms users.  An extension of that mission is this blog and the website www.keepandbear.us.

Greg is a gun enthusiast.   He is a Systems Analyst by profession.  He is adding his voice to the fray of conversations about firearms and their owners.  Conversations that shed light on the participants ideals, not just about the Second Amendment, but also about how our society governs itself.

Greg began firearms instruction in 2010. He became an NRA Certified Instructor in 2014.  He is certified by the NRA to teach their Basic Pistol and Personal Protection Inside the Home courses.

Greg is not going to overwhelm you with his military or law enforcement background (he has neither).  He does have experience writing training material and training technical subjects for varying projects during his 30+ year career in Medical, Engineering, and Power private sector businesses.