December 25, 2014: Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays.

I used to play golf religiously.  Once a year on Christmas Eve.  Living in Florida I can remember only one year where the weather required a jacket.  This was a family event with various in-laws and cousins and friends.  After back surgery I sold my clubs. 

Now I shoot religiously, on Christmas Eve.  But that is not the only day I shoot.  According to my Shot Log I have been shooting 29 times so far this year.  I anticipate at least two more opportunities before the end of the year.  If I get those two other sessions in, then I will have engaged in shooting activities on average, every 11 to 12 days.  Even without two more sessions I will have obtained my goal of shooting every other week.  Continue reading


December 18, 2014: Sydney Tragedy, Lessons for Americans

Tori Johnson and Katrina Dawson died in a coffee shop after a 16 hour hostage ordeal in downtown Sydney.  The man who took 17 people hostage with a shotgun was described by Prime Minister Tony Abbott as having “a long history of violent crime, infatuation with extremism and mental instability” and was “well known” to state and federal authorities.  Continue reading

December 11, 2014: Procedure To Concealed Carry in Florida

There are a couple of methods to obtain a “Florida Concealed Weapons or Firearm License”.  That is Florida’s cumbersome name for the more commonly called CWL  (Concealed Weapons License) or CWP (Concealed Weapons Permit).  Don’t let the “OR” in the name make you think you have to decide which you want to conceal, a weapon or a firearm.  In Florida, it is one license. 

Ultimately information is sent to Tallahassee for review by the Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services.  You can either put the package together yourself or go to a regional office and have the package assembled by them in one place. Continue reading