December 25, 2014: Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays.

I used to play golf religiously.  Once a year on Christmas Eve.  Living in Florida I can remember only one year where the weather required a jacket.  This was a family event with various in-laws and cousins and friends.  After back surgery I sold my clubs. 

Now I shoot religiously, on Christmas Eve.  But that is not the only day I shoot.  According to my Shot Log I have been shooting 29 times so far this year.  I anticipate at least two more opportunities before the end of the year.  If I get those two other sessions in, then I will have engaged in shooting activities on average, every 11 to 12 days.  Even without two more sessions I will have obtained my goal of shooting every other week. 

Shooting is a perishable skill.  If you only shoot as a hobby then the amount of practice you get may only matter to you.  If you use your guns for person protection in the home or personal protection outside the home, then the amount of practice you get could determine life and death outcomes for those who live with and around you. 

While being thankful for our blessing from God and praying for peace on Earth, if you carry, prepare to fight the evil that resides among us when you encounter it in its violent form.   Prepare to defend yourself. Prepare to defend the innocent when they are attacked.

May God bless you in your endeavors but do not think that faith in God or Jesus as your Lord and Savior will guarantee an easy life.  The news if filled with new Christian Martyrs and Jews continue to be attacked.  Sometimes God’s glory is demonstrated by your suffering and your ability to overcome adversity. 

Faith prepares me to walk in each day not knowing completely what I will encounter.  My prayer is that at least one of the steps I will take in every given day will be on the path that God has laid before me. 

While I may never be a sheep dog to our society, perhaps I will help train someone who will.  That’s enough reason for me to make an effort to increase my own knowledge, skills and attitude.  That’s enough reason for me to expend the effort on this project. 


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