January 29, 2015: A Case of Negligence

Scott Radford and Paul Adee were irresponsible and negligent on the morning of January 26th.  By the Grace of God they didn’t kill Dawn Bryan.  Continue reading


January 15, 2015: American Gun Culture

Whenever I read an opinion from someone who refers to “The Gun Culture in America”, it is almost always used in a derisive manner meant to convey that the gun culture in America is a bad thing.  The exception being opinions in firearms related material.  To that I respectfully reply:  HELLO, we ONLY are America because of the gun culture of 1775.  Residents took up arms against the representatives of the British Crown who were attempting to disarm them.  Continue reading

January 1, 2015: Happy New Year

Wishing you a safe new year.  As a gun owner, part of having a safe year is the action you take to be responsible for preventing unauthorized users from getting to your guns.  How do you do that?  A safe is the recognized method used by a reasonable person.  Put yourself in the witness stand being cross examined by an aggressive prosecutor who is trying to convince a jury that you are not a reasonable person. Continue reading