January 15, 2015: American Gun Culture

Whenever I read an opinion from someone who refers to “The Gun Culture in America”, it is almost always used in a derisive manner meant to convey that the gun culture in America is a bad thing.  The exception being opinions in firearms related material.  To that I respectfully reply:  HELLO, we ONLY are America because of the gun culture of 1775.  Residents took up arms against the representatives of the British Crown who were attempting to disarm them. 

Now whether your views about the displacement of the Native Americans by the immigrating Europeans was a conquest or an alien invasion, the resulting settlers applied firearms effectively for several purposes for several hundred years before the revolution began.    If the “Patriots” did not have their firearms, and had they not been proficient with them, the American Revolution would have been suppressed on April 19, 1775 and we would all be a lot more interested in what the Royals are doing. 

So ingrained was the idea of personal liberty in that society, that the newly formed governing body listed the individual rights of its citizens so that future governing bodies should not repress or remove them.  As then, not every Citizen agrees with this approach and they work to remove the means by which individuals can defend themselves, their families, sometimes their property, and the lives of other innocent Citizens. 

To think that guns can be removed from American society is naïve.  The purpose of Gun Control is to make law-abiding Citizens more vulnerable and more dependent upon the Governing.    Gun Control Laws do not remove guns from criminals intent on violence against society.  Gun Control Laws can prevent or delay the response of Citizens to potentially protect themselves and stop violence against themselves and other innocent Citizens. 

The topic of where guns should be permitted to be carried by responsible gun owners is a complex one and NOT the subject today.  The topic today is we are America because of a gun culture that has existed on this continent for hundreds of years. 

A gun can be the equalizer between a violent criminal and the potential victim.  Unlike peeing in one’s pants or screaming about venereal disease, a bullet in the attacker can stop them involuntarily.  The attacker who has already demonstrated a lack of compassion with an abundance of malice does not need to be reasoned with, s/he needs to be STOPPED.

At an individual level, a gun in the hands of a trained responsible gun owner can be the difference between a statistical victim and a survivor.  On a national level the availability and proficiency of responsible gun owners is an imposing deterrent to a mobilized invasion of foreign combatants.  While evil sweeps through Syria and Iraq, a village is attacked in Nigeria.  Do you consider that happening here? 

Uncoordinated attacks are happening in the United States of America and are being fought on a case by case basis. Sometimes they are confronted by the Military or Law Enforcement and sometimes by Citizens.  Whether they are characterized as terrorism (sorry Mr. President, “Work Place Violence”) or the actions of the deranged without ideological agendas,  a gun in the trained hands of a Citizen on the scene maybe the first opportunity to STOP the threat. 

In addition to regular arguments against gun control based on the Second Amendment, add the threat of attack from religious radicals or extremist.  While firearms will not be useful against bombs, they can be used effectively in our homes, in our streets, and other public venues.

To help responsible Citizens who are willing to respond when confronted by violent evil, there are some steps that can be taken.

First is for the Congress to amend the Firearm Owners Protection Act (FOPA) of 1986 to prevent New York and New Jersey from excluding themselves from travelers “safe passage” through these states.  Passengers have been arrested at New York airports when having to recheck bags from DIVERTED flights that were never intended to touch down in New York. Passengers following TSA guidelines in their home and destinations States have their firearms in checked baggage.  But if there are weather or aircraft mechanical problems that force a diversion to the self-defense unfriendly State of New York, passengers are arrested for illegal possession of a firearm when rechecking their baggage.

Representitive H. Morgan Griffith introduced House Resolution 131 on January 6, 2015 in the 114th Congress. He was initially joined by 8 other Representitives and as of this revised posting has been joined by two more.  This legislation is designed to amend chapter 44 of title 18, United States Code to more comprehensiveily address the interstate transportation of firearms or ammunition. 

Second is for Congress to recognize that carrying a firearm is not a privilege but a constitutional right and apply the Full Faith and Credit Clause for States to recognize Concealed Carry Permits from every State that issues them.  Pass legislation that ensures states like New Jersey do not pursue prosecution against Citizens as in the case of Shaneen Allen.

Someone who carries may be the difference between you going home to your family or your family coming to the morgue.  Support Second Amendment rights and work against gun laws that only serve to restrict law-abiding Citizens rights to self-defense. 


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