January 29, 2015: A Case of Negligence

Scott Radford and Paul Adee were irresponsible and negligent on the morning of January 26th.  By the Grace of God they didn’t kill Dawn Bryan. 

Link Road and Porter Road are ¼ mile apart (440 yards or 1,320 feet).  A bullet from a 7.62x39mm round commonly used in an AK-47 or semi-automatic clone travels 2,300 to 2,400 feet per second. The distance between the roads would be covered in less than ½ a second.  Although not specified in the article, it is plausible that the distance from the point where the rifle was fired to the house was much less. 

The picture accompanying the article shows the cracked upper window pane indicating that the rifle was not aimed at a low grounded target.  That at least 10 rounds struck the house and went through glass indicates the shooters were not aware of where their fired shots were going.  That so many shots hit the house indicates that they were not concerned about not knowing were the bullets were going.

It isn’t clear exactly where the shooting was done on Mr. Radford’s property, but at 5 acres he has 660 feet (220 yards) in North-South dimension to contain the high-powered rounds he was firing.  Even if he had been shooting .22 LR (Long Rifle) in a similar manner, he would also have struck the home though they would have made smaller holes and been closer to the ground due to lower velocity.   

Bullets did cross property lines and while I believe it was not their intension, Mr. Radford and Mr. Adee did fire into an occupied dwelling.  There are many sets of Safety Rules for firearms provided by manufactures and one of them is usually termed “know your target and what is beyond”.    Mr. Radford and Mr. Adee will likely experience the adage “every bullet you fire potentially has a lawyer attached to it”.

The statement reporting that the shooters weren’t aware the rounds would travel that far is just egregious.  There is a reason the sights on an AK-47 or clone are designed to be adjusted out to 600 yards. 500 yards is often referred to as a Rifleman’s quarter mile and the 7.62x39mm cartridge fired from a semi-automatic AK-47 or clone is capable of being used effectively out to that range.  200 yards is well within most hunters’ capabilities. 

Mr. Radford is a county Firefighter and Mr. Adee is a Sheriff’s Detention Deputy.  In a follow-up report on January 28th it was reported that there were six other individuals also shooting on the Radford’s property.  Another report stated that they were shooting at a berm.  There were no specifics about the height of the berm or what kinds of targets were being used and where they were placed on the berm. 

Thankfully no one died in this incident, but you can be sure this will be noted by Bloomberg and the anti-gun movement as another example of why Citizens should not be allowed to own guns. 

Most firearms accidents are caused by Ignorance and negligence.  Mr. Radford and Mr. Adee had both in amble supply. 


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