February 26, 2015: No Charges to be filed

Bad news for responsible Florida recreational shooters.    Keith Morelli’s article in the Wednesday Tampa Tribune reports the Florida State Attorney’s Office will not file charges against Scott Radford, Paul Adee or any of their friends who were shooting with them on the morning of January 24th.    Their conclusion: not enough evidence to determine which one of the shooters fired the rounds that struck the house, no charges will be filed.  Take away from this under current law; when you don’t have the knowledge, skills or attitude to shoot responsibility, make sure you are not the only shooter.  Continue reading


February 19, 2015: YES FL SB 176, NO SB 290

I don’t support “Gun Free Zones” on general principle because the concept removes the right of personal self-defense by a means that can equalizes disparity of force situations.  Gun Free Zones require individuals to limit their right of self-defense.  They require individuals to make a presumption that the “authority” in the “gun free zone” is capable of responding in a timely manner and will intervene on their behalf.  Continue reading

February 5, 2015: Concealed Carry

Checking the online Merriam-Webster, Conceal: To hide from sight, to keep secret.

The point of Concealed Carry is to carry a firearm (or in Florida a weapon) in a manner that does not convey to viewers that you possess said firearm.   Although Florida has recently decriminalized the non-threatening exposure of a firearm here is an example of why you want to keep concealment by all possible means until you have to use it. Continue reading