March 29, 2015: Response to Gun Insanity

Paul P. Carlucci of Valrico expressed the opinion in the March 24, 2015 Tampa Tribune that guns on college campuses is an insane idea.  His arguments mirror the earlier comments of Chryl Anderson of Moms Demand Action for Gun Sense in America in which she describes college life as “toxic”.  Like Chryl Anderson, Paul Carlucci ignores the concept that the legislation is designed to restore the Second Amendment rights of adults who have met the requirements of the State of Florida to carry a concealed firearm.  There is a distinction between a person who has a firearm on their person and a person who carries a concealed firearm with a Florida Concealed Weapons or Firearms License (CWFL).  I will agree that there are immature college students, just as there are immature people in the general population. 

 Legislation to restore the rights of CWFL holders who are on a campus has nothing to do with immature drunks (unless they violently threaten a CWFL holder who is armed). 

Mr. Carlucci’s citation of the College Alcohol Study does not draw a correlation to CWFL holders.  His prediction of more shootings is the same unrealized prediction as the anti-Second Amendment campaign when Florida became shall-issue state. 

The tipping point in this argument is whether you believe you have the right to defend yourself, your loved ones, and the lives of other innocent s from attack, with appropriate force, in any place you have a legal right to be.  If you believe this then it would not be insanity to extend your protection to places where criminals can easily drive or walk.  College campuses are open environments and as such are exposed to the same dangers as the general population.  Because they are currently designated “gun free zones” they are a higher attraction to the criminal who wants to lessen their potential of victims defending themselves.

The insanity in this article is Mr. Carlucci trying to make the assertion that CWFL holders are the instigators of conflict and that dueling with firearms will become the norm for settling conflicts on Florida campuses. 

The use of deadly force by a reasonable person is justified to stop the following actions:  murder & manslaughter, kidnapping & sexual battery (rape), robbery & aggravated assault, carjacking & aggravated battery, home invasion robbery & aggravated stalking.  Once the action is stopped, deadly force is not justified.  

Anyone involved in a shooting incident faces two potential trials.  Being justified doesn’t guarantee you will not face a criminal and/or civil trial.  These are things that concealed carry holders have to contemplate before they decide to carry. 


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