April 9, 2015: Range Session

It’s hard to convince a 22 year old that shooting is a perishable skill when

she makes a Mickey Mouse and a Figure 8 on her warm up five shot group.

She picked up where she left off in August of last year and proceeded to complete the last five targets for her Winchester/NRA Pistol Marksman First Class Qualification.

I started her off with a .22 Taurus 94 revolver and then switched to a Taurus Tracker.  When given a choice between current polymer frame Ruger, Smith & Wesson, or Glock semi-autos she goes for the Tracker.  It’s a heavy gun with a ribbed handle that soaks up recoil.  No hot brass casings go flying around and the long sight radius is another plus.

I initially shied away from revolvers, but have gained an appreciation for them as learning and defensive (especially in the home) guns .  My last Basic Pistol class included a couple who had not shot before and I realized how much faster they adapted to shooting the revolvers than the semi-autos.

The College Campus Carry Bill won’t do this college student any good because she will graduate in a few weeks.  SB 176 got pulled from the Senate Judiciary Committee hearing this week so it seems doubtful it will be passed this year.  Senate President Gardiner denies having the bill pulled which would indicate that it was Senator Miguel Diaz de la Portilla from Miami who took that action. What difference – at this point, what difference does it make who killed it?  If the bill is not voted on in committee it is essentially dead.  Seems like an abortion of the legislative process.  Start checking bank accounts for transfers from Everytown.

I used a technique another student had brought to my attention when using an unfamiliar gun for the first time, or for the first time in a long time.  I had her dry fire the Tracker 5 times to get the feel of the Single-Action trigger.  Then I had her load and fire a single round to remember the recoil then had her proceed through targets at her pace.

When I had her go back to the Taurus 94 to shoot double-action she could not pull the heavy trigger.  This was not a problem with the Tracker double-action.  Running through some one hand drills we’re seeing another down side of the revolver.  Cocking to shoot single-action one-handed slows down the process.  So it’s important to be able to shoot the revolver double-action and practice that especially one handed where the off-hand may be occupied with a flash light or be used to open, close, carry, or drag something else.

The sway back stance that was still being exhibited in August has been overcome. She is standing upright and brings the gun up to her dominate eye without fidgeting using a two hand grip.  Getting a good one handed grip on the long barreled revolver was more of a problem but she adapted and kept her shots on target.

We finished this session with a SIG Mosquito practicing left and right hand shooting.  She used up the 150 rounds she brought.  Looking at her targets she had a very good day shooting showing excellent control.  We agreed she should work on her left hand strength and continue her next session with the Sharpshooter series.  We talked about her pacing of shots and agreed she won’t have a problem at the next level getting 5 aimed shots in 20 seconds.


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