April 17, 2015: Gun registration leads to …

a path of abuse and tyranny.

I have had conversations with Citizens who shun the idea of applying for a concealed carry permit because they want to “stay off the grid” or “stay off the radar”.  They don’t express a feeling that they don’t want to defend themselves.  I interpret this attitude to mean that these Citizens are more concerned about being violated by their own government (the State at one or more levels) than they are about being violated by another member of our society. 

The purpose of the Second Amendment is to allow citizens to protect themselves from tyranny. Regulations affecting the Second Amendment have the intent of clearing a path for tyranny. 

People or organizations with messages about “Public Safety” or “Curbing Gun Violence” would better serve our society by promoting gun safety education.  Promoting programs that install gun safes in homes would also be beneficial. 

Tyranny and Liberty are opposite ideals.  Tyranny comes from a philosophy that individuals must be controlled.  To accomplish this, the ruling class attacks the nature of man.  They attack individual sovereignty, morality, and a civil society.  The ruling class, the people in a position of power over their subjects, promote themselves as the highest order of intelligence who know what is best for all.

Liberty comes from a philosophy that individuals are responsible for themselves.  Individuals can agree to terms for their common good based on majority rule and the rule of law.  This presumes that the majority of individuals have a moral compass.  They believe they are not the supreme beings in the universe.  Those who participate in the governing of a society filled with individuals who have liberty, do so to ensure that the governing do not oppress the governed.

Our society has both types of individuals, those you want to be given permission and those who understand their personal responsibility.  Yes, this is a simplification of the broad spectrum of Citizens who make up the American Society but it illustrates the polarization and conflict. 

The effect is that the regulations and enforcement on any topic, can vary greatly form locale to locale. In the case of gun registration the spectrum across the fifty states ranges from no registration to registrations being public record. 

For gun owners in Westchester and Rockland counties of New York, the public records were published and made into an electronic map that showed personally identifiable information. The purpose of the article published by The Journal News was a reaction to the tragedy that occurred in Newtown Connecticut. Reporter Dwight R. Worley stated “The people have as much of a right to know who owns guns in their communities as gun owners have to own weapons”.

I disagree with Mr. Worley and I believe he demonstrated the worst kind of journalistic judgment in proposing this type of story in the detail it presented. It is the right of every law-abiding Citizen to own firearms. Citizens do not have the right to know which lawful activities are occurring inside another Citizens’ home.

The Buffalo New York Police Commissioner has stated that they will begin cross referencing death records with gun registration records to utilize a seldom enforced law requiring the estate of a deceased person to turn in the firearms registered to the deceased within 15 days.   This will essentially end the right of inheritance in this location and put the burden on the estate to comply or face prison time and fines.

In America, it should not be news that members of our society have made the decision to arm themselves. Anyone who asks the question, “what households have a firearm, and what kind of firearm?” should be answered: “it’s none of your business, but pretty much every one. Also they only have three firearms: pistols, shotguns, and rifles”. That is wildly over-simplified but my point is anyone asking the question is trying to undermine the liberties of the armed Citizen by exposing them to the hostile, ill-informed, or criminal.

Citizens must make the effort to inform themselves in the ways of Government encroachment. Leading up to the 2016 elections it is necessary for Citizens to decide and act. Decide if they want to be a subject or a Citizen and vote appropriately.

I urge you to make the effort to be a Citizen of the United States and take an active part in the 2016 elections. Don’t sit this one out. Choose wisely.



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