April 23, 2015: Perfecta Isn’t

Range review of the Perfecta 115gr FMJ 9mm Ammunition


Perfecta branded ammunition started showing up at Walmart within the last year.  It is Italian made and distributed by Tulammo. 

I had purchased a box of .40 S&W to try. Before I could, a couple that I took to the range showed up with a box of 9mm.  I had asked them to buy three boxes and wasn’t specific about the brand.  They got the 9mm Perfecta and .45 ACP Remington at Walmart and had to go to Gander Mountain to get the .38 Special. 

After reviewing safety rules I had them go through failure drills on all the guns they were going to shoot.  I set up Failure to Eject (FTE), Failure to Load (FTL), and Double Feeds and had them repeat the exercise until they were proficient at being able to clear the semi-automatics without assistance. 

That practice was quickly put to use with the first live fire of the 9mm Perfecta in a Beretta 92FS.  You’d think Italian ammo in an Italian gun would be a sweet thing.  Make your own wrong buzzer sound here.

After 2 of the first 4 rounds didn’t eject and jammed the gun. I had him clear the gun and put it down.  Although he is a new shooter he has good fundamentals.  I really didn’t think limp-wristing was the problem.  But to be sure, I shot 4 rounds and experienced the same problems.  I swapped out a box of Remington I had brought and they continued on from there without any further incident. 

On my next trip to the range I brought the remaining 42 rounds and fired 12 in a Glock 22 with a Storm Lake 40 to 9 conversion barrel.  I experienced 2 FTE/FTL in that 12 shot group.  Officially not impressed with the Perfecta 9mm ammunition.

Then I tried a Ruger SR 9 and it liked the ammo just fine.  Two 10 shot groups without any problems at all.  If I had started with the Ruger, I might not have thought there would be any problems.  I finished up the last 10 rounds in the Glock with two FTE/FTLs. 


Summary:  Two Thumbs down.  On the plus side It uses Boxer primers which should make the cases reusable. But when ammo doesn’t function 100%, even target ammo, I won’t bother with it.  There is enough Remington, Winchester, and Federal ammunition available.  I am not desperate enough to purchase this for my own use.  I will warn students against it to reduce their frustration level.  While their experience was educational, I won’t intentionally introduce problems into live fire exercises. 

It’s like when I put a Wolfe striker spring in a S&W Sigma to lighten the trigger pull.  The warning on the package warned that the spring would lower reliability.  It did, light strikes were occurring about 20% of the time.  The change in the trigger was not worth the reduction in reliability.

With the Perfecta 9mm, the increased failures are not worth the price difference.  This review is based on one box and your results with your guns may vary.


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