May 14, 2015: Operation Choke Point

The opposite the editorial page (op-ed) piece by Congressman Dennis Ross that appeared in the May 8 edition of the Tampa Tribune was responded to by Alvin W. Wolfe of Lutz and printed on the editorial page of the Tribune on May 15.  These two viewpoints on the subject of Operation Choke Point exemplify the chasm between what may be intended by legislation and what is carried out by bureaucratic regulators at the direction of the President. 

While Mr. Wolfe extolls the virtues of Dodd-Frank and the Homeland Security Act, he chooses to ignore the issue raised by Congressman Ross.  The Department of Justice is persecuting legal businesses by coercing banks. 

Michael Patrick Leahy wrote about Operation Choke Point in January of 2014.  His initial report cites three sectors of the private lending industry; third party payment processors, payday lenders and online lenders.  His article points out the reticence of the DOJ and FDIC to answer congressional inquiry (Rep Yoder and Rep. Luetkemeyer) to explain the extent and legal standing for the operation.

Congressman Ross speaks to the spread of the operation to other legal businesses including those in the firearms industry.  Action is being taken against legal businesses that have the effect of curtailing the businesses ability to serve its customers and continue to operate. 

The DOJ and FDIC action is not predicated on “illegal business” but on their bias against some business.  This should be an affront to every Citizen because this type of action is capricious and if allowed to continue, could target any private business.  Someone in the DOJ doesn’t like the way their car got repaired.  Body shops begin to be targeted.  The President has a bumpy ride to the airport, private paving companies are targeted. 

Mr. Leahy reports the operation was started in 2009 during the Presidents first term.  Thus the President quickly began to fulfill his promise to fundamentally change America.  Change from a Representative Republic to a Monarchy or Dictatorship. 


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