August 8, 2015: It’s Time to Be a Citizen

The final event is not coming until November 8, 2016. The selection process for the major party candidates is already underway. The fact (according to Nielsen data) that Thursday nights Republican Presidential Primary Candidate Debate, was watched by 24 million viewers is an encouraging sign that Citizens are paying attention. 

Even the undercard debate, with seven candidates, got 6.1 million for the program that started at 5:pm Eastern. That is considerably more than the 3.2 million who tuned in for the first GOP primary debate four years ago.

The United States Census Bureau estimates the population of the United States 18 years old or older is 245,519,993. Roughly 10% of the potential voting population watched the debates. Voter turnout in 2008 was 131 million and 126 million in 2012.

The Second Amendment was only mentioned once in the prime time debate and that was in passing as Senator Rand Paul stated “I don’t want my marriage or my guns registered in Washington”. Positions on the Second Amendment may come up in later debates but I am not surprised it did not. This is not a single issue election and with the gains that have been made in States changing to Shall Issue status for concealed carry, it is generally not viewed as the high priority issue. But that doesn’t mean that assaults on your ability to purchase, store, equip, and use firearms will not continue to be eroded by Executive Action or the regulatory action of unelected Federal agencies. At some point we will want to hear candidates’ position statements about Citizens right to self-defense and the use of deadly force when necessary.

I think there are many GOP candidates that could place their hand on a Bible and solemnly swear to faithfully execute the Office of President of the United States, and to the best of their ability, preserve, protect and defend the Constitution of the United States. There are already a couple that I favor over others but I will support the eventual GOP candidate.

It is illuminating that the current leading GOP candidate will not make the same vow to support the party representative. As a businessman he is keeping open his “Plan B” option to continue his run because he believes that his opinion of his ability is more important than the millions of registered Republicans. If he doesn’t feel he can support another candidate from the Republican Party, why didn’t he announce as an Independent?

It was heartening to see some of the candidates shaking their heads in affirmation as other candidates were answering questions. It seems like the majority of the candidates are aiming for similar goals (smaller Federal Government, less regulation, simplified tax code, balanced budget, border enforcement), but will have different plans to accomplish them.

It’s time to start to get out the vote and be an informed, involved Citizen. Don’t sit out the primaries and for the nation’s sake, don’t sit out the general election. Plan now to have the time to get to the polls on November 8, 2016 and take some of your other freedom loving, gun totin’, friends with you.


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