August 11, 2015: Response to Bloomberg EPA CPP

Response to Michael Bloomberg’s “Obama didn’t kill coal; the market did” Bloomberg extolls the EPA Clean Power Plan and I disagree with his analysis on many levels.

First his contention that it will not raise costs for consumers. The economics of production and consumption, like the jitterbug, seem to plum elude Michael Bloomberg. When you replace a low cost commodity with a higher cost commodity, the consumers have to pay more to receive the same amount of that commodity.

The more egregious point is that an unelected Federal Agency is mandating winners and losers in our free market. I agree that the use of coal as a source for power production is in decline, but the reason for its decline is based on alternatives coming to market that are more attractive (less expensive, less pollution).

Less pollution was mandated by the Clean Air Act of 1970 with amendments in 1990. Air quality has improved. There was a price to achieve the improvements we see and breathe and consumers paid for it. Government doesn’t have the ability to pay for anything, all the money it spends comes out of Citizens pockets. Every regulation and mandate coming out of Washington, or any State Capitol, has to be paid for by the Citizens.

One of the problems of establishing a regulatory authority over anything is that it becomes an organism. Organisms of all types try to survive and grow. They are not self-limiting and do not seek to make themselves unnecessary. The EPA continues to spew regulations because it can.

Michael Bloomberg supporting a government agency exceeding the scope of its regulatory authority is another example of his belief that Government shall decree all, even the size of your beverage (that was struck down by a New York Court of Appeals Court in June 2014).

Let the market work within the confines of the already established Clean Air Act and we will see a continuation toward clean (a relative term) distributed power generation. It doesn’t need to be hurried along so that some political cronies can get more money out of Citizens pockets (remember Solyndra).


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