October 8, 2015: End of an Era

When you visit San Francisco after October 31, 2015, don’t bother looking in on the High Bridge Arms gun store. Yeah, the same gun store that has served San Francisco since 1952. Opened by Olympic shooter and gunsmith Bob Chow and then sold to Andy Takahashi in 1988.  

The last straw was a proposal to require every purchase to be video-taped and to submit weekly ammunition sales reports to the San Francisco Police Department.

San Francisco’s progressive Mayor and Board of Supervisors has already passed self-defense unfriendly bans on the sale of hollow-point bullets, magazines over 10 rounds, and storage requirements that prevent homeowners from keeping unlocked guns at hand, but not on their body, while they are in their homes.

All in the name of preventing gun violence. How did that work for Kate Steinle who was murdered by an illegal alien in a “Sanctuary City”. San Francisco is sanctuary for criminals and oppression for law-abiding Citizens.

Mr. Takahashi’s decision to close seems to be based on intolerance. The intolerance of the progressive San Francisco Legislative branch to armed self-defense. But these are all elected officials who are tasked with carrying out the will of the people they represent.  I wouldn’t want to live there either.


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