October 29, 2015: The Tragedy of Corey Jones

Corey Jones was killed by a plainclothes police officer in Palm Beach Gardens.  Corey Jones was waiting for a tow truck.  Corey Jones had a Florida concealed carry permit.  Corey Jones had purchased the handgun that was found at the scene three days before he was killed.

The police officer states he was confronted by an armed man.  The police officer is the only witness and there is no dash cam, body cam or bystander phone video to dispute his story.

There is no evidence of his attempt to identify himself as a police officer.  there is no evidence that the unmarked white van with tinted windows had a flashing light to indicate it was a police vehicle when it pulled up behind Corey Jones broken down car.

Nothing good happens after midnight.  Corey Jones died from a gun shot wound that ruptured his aorta.  One of three wounds from the six rounds that the police officer fired.

Understanding that there is only one witness, let’s examine the one point of the story that the confrontation pivots around.  Corey Jones presented himself as an armed man, 3:00am in the morning on the side of the road next to his car that has failed him.

Why did Mr. Jones present his firearm?  Why does any concealed carry holder present their firearm?  Because they felt threatened.  What was it about the plainclothes police officer that made Cory Jones feel threatened?  Until we meet Cory in Heaven and ask him, we can only speculate.

This is the scenario that concealed carry holders have to constantly evaluate.  Does the situation warrant me presenting my firearm?  Am I presenting it as a warning?  That may not work out for you.

We may not know if Corey Jones presented his firearm as a warning.   We do  know that he was patient to find out who the other person was.  Corey Jones did not fire a shot.  We don’t know if he pointed the gun at the plainclothes police officer or was holding in a low ready stance.  The police officer was not waiting to find out what Corey Jones intention was.


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