November 11, 2015: Happy Veterans Day

My Dad didn’t talk about his WW II Korea experience much.  Other than being sea sick on the boat over and back.  My mom still has the letters he wrote home during that period and I expect to make a project transcribing them into a book one day. 

He obtained the rifle sharpshooter designation while he was enlisted.  Not really surprising for a farm raised Arkansas boy.  I now have the 16 gauge Savage 755A shotgun that is one of my earliest memories.  Walking through fields and pastures with my brother and dad carrying that shotgun.  

I recently researched and found out he was part of the 7th Infantry Division of the United States Army.  He enlisted before he graduated from High School. When he returned and finished his senior year he was three years older than most other seniors but as fortune would have it he met my mother there and the rest is history. 

By contrast I’ve heard more of one of my Uncle’s exploits in the Navy.  He was at one time stationed on the Blue Ridge in the Pacific.  He also visited Hawaii during his tour. 

Another Uncle was in the Air Force and I remember visiting with my family in North Carolina while he was stationed there.  He settled in Texas and raised a family of avid hunters who have passed that tradition on to his children and grandchildren.  I still share his recipe for duck.

My father-in-law was in the National Guard and the first time I met him he showed me a Remington 1858 black powder revolver that has been in the family since the Civil War.  I didn’t think much of it at the time.  Many, many years later I restored that gun and fired it along with a brother-in-law and nephew.  Family history preserved. 

A more distant ancestor fought in the American Revolutionary war as a Patriot in South Carolina. 

I am a part of an extended family that is, and has been part of the gun culture of America.  I came by it honestly and now offer firearms training for responsible citizens.  



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