November 19, 2015: Lessons from Bataclan

In tragedy, acts of violence perpetrated against Citizens, there are lessons.  But really, people paying attention already learned these lessons so the murders on the streets of Paris and the concert hall Bataclan are reminders.

There is no negotiation with Jihad.  Either Citizens die or are wounded, or the Jihadi is captured or killed.  You cannot beg, barter, or bargain with Jihad.  A Jihadi beleives that he/she has the blessing of the highest authority, to commit any violence against non-Muslims. 

A Jihadist system of belief, ideas and ideals does not have a gender boundary.  Jihad is not contained by political or geographic borders.  There is no boundary of age, gender, location, or national origin for the potential victim of a Jihadi attack.

You don’t see the pickup trucks with machine guns mounted in the bed used by Radical Islamic Terrorist with a COEXIST bumper sticker.  Jihadists don’t want to coexist, they don’t want to be inclusive or tolerate anyone else.  They want to exterminate everyone who does not believe as they do, and they don’t mind dying themselves to accomplish this goal.   They don’t seem to care if they kill other Muslims along the way. 

If you are waiting for the shoe to fall in America after the horrific events in Paris, you haven’t been paying attention.  Jihad is already on United States soil.  Fort Hood was not work place violence. Moore Oklahoma was not work place violence.  Chattanooga Tennessee was not work place violence.  Lone wolf or organized, the results are the same.  Radical Muslims are killing non-Muslims in the United States of America. 

Within the pool of potential victims of a Jihadi are those that state that these acts are based on a misinterpretation of the Koran.  They will say that potential Jihadi just need jobs.  They need humanitarian aid.  They need to be included in the world community.  They need friends.

It doesn’t matter if they are mistaken about Islam.  It doesn’t matter if “moderate” Muslims think they are wrong.  All that matters is that someone believes they are divinely sanctioned to murder.  They will do violent atrocious acts on other human beings because that is easier than compromise.

There is no participation prize in this global fight.  Either the Jihad will kill or enslave who he/she sees as infidels or the non-Muslims along with “Moderate” Muslims will capture or kill those who want to pursue Jihad.  Not every situation can be resolved by diplomacy, or kindness, or capitulation, or friendliness. The fight against Jihad requires decisive, determined action.  Capture and imprison Jihadist when their plots are uncovered.  Capture or kill the perpetrators when they strike.

Our “Leaders”, who don’t understand the need to win against this threat, need to be voted out of the way before they get more Citizens killed.   


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