December 31, 2015: What’s Ahead?

The election year of 2016 is an opportunity to fundamentally transform our Federal Government. While the current administration has been trying to fundamentally transform America, it really has been a continued deterioration rather than a transformation. 

All 435 seats to the House of Representatives are going to be voted on. 34 of the 100 Senate seats are going to be voted on.  The one Presidential seat is going to be voted on.  Continue reading


December 17, 2015: Questions

Response to Calvin Branche of Hudson, December 15, 2015 Letter of the Day: Arming citizenry raises questions.

Mr. Branche’s premise supposes that anyone who is already armed or who is taking a local Sheriff’s advice and arming themselves has not already considered the question he poses. The short response is that every responsible gun owner has already considered their responsibilities and the potential consequences of their actions involving the use of a firearm.

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December 3, 2015: Looneys, Thugs, and Jihadist, Oh No!

The “Leaders” of 120 plus Nations met in Paris this week to discuss a topic of global significance.  Are they finding ways to defeat Jihadist?  Are they coming up with new ways to diminish urban crime?  Are they forming a treatment plan for the mentally ill?  No, wait for it, they are spending and promising to spend Billions to combat, wait for it … climate change.

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