December 3, 2015: Looneys, Thugs, and Jihadist, Oh No!

The “Leaders” of 120 plus Nations met in Paris this week to discuss a topic of global significance.  Are they finding ways to defeat Jihadist?  Are they coming up with new ways to diminish urban crime?  Are they forming a treatment plan for the mentally ill?  No, wait for it, they are spending and promising to spend Billions to combat, wait for it … climate change.

The Global Climate Summit is looking for a low-carbon global economy in the century ahead.  Yet less than three weeks prior, 130 people were killed and nearly 370 were injured by Jihadist. 

Rather than have those present for the conference change their focus, progressive leadership makes a show of addressing an issue that has little impact on Citizens lives today and tomorrow.  The effects of human activity on spaceship Earth is not in question.  Yes, human activity has an impact on the planet.  We rearrange the molecules, invent new ones, and consume resources that have been developing for millions of years.  Human activity will not cease until the human species leaves the planet. 

Do the purveyors of “Climate Change” really expect to achieve some kind of equilibrium where temperatures and sea levels don’t change?  I’m pretty sure the tectonic plates are still moving and we are along for the ride.  I don’t support the “Climate Change” movement and the mandates and regulations that will come out of it.  I do support research, cradle to grave manufacturing, recycling, less pollution and a supply and demand market economy that is not rigged by governments to pick winners and losers.  But I digress.

The reason progressives can’t do anything about Looney’s, Thugs, and jihadist is because they can’t deal with evil.  If you can’t recognize something exists then you are powerless to overcome it.  

HR 2646 – Helping Families in Mental Health Crisis Act of 2015 is an attempt to begin to address mental health services for families who believe someone in their family is in need.   This is a long way from long term institutionalized mental health treatment, but it is an effort to address it.  Many families understand that some of their members are a danger to other members of the family and society at large but do not have the resources to provide the services that are required. 

Treating violent crime requires recognizing that some people are evil and have no place in our society.  Rehabilitate those that can and want to be.  But violent offenders need to be removed from the general population.  No early release, no time off for good behavior.  Murderers, attempted murderers, and assault offenders should not be reentering society.  If you use a firearm or a weapon in the commission of a crime, no matter at what age, society is done with you.

If a tree falls in the woods, but no one hears it, did it still fall?  Yes it fell and it made noise and it crushed whatever it fell on.  If a Muslim indiscriminately kills in a place where he worked is it still Jihad?  YES, IT IS!  You may also categorize it as work place violence but Radical Islamic Terrorism trumps workplace violence when compiling statistics. 

Are Muslims so holy that they are beyond accepting criticism, insult or reproach in the ways that Christians, Buddhists, Hindus, Jews, and the unaffiliated do? 

A Muslim may be just as likely to go “Postal” as any non-Muslim.  But a Muslim that kills unbelievers to promote Islam is a Jihadist.   Jihad is a war against unbelievers.  He or she may be called a Radical Muslim or and Extremist Muslim.  They may be practicing Islamic Extremism or Radical Islam.  It doesn’t matter what you call them because their goals are the same, kill unbelievers so that a Caliphate can be established or spread.    

The hew and cry for gun control following mass shooting, no matter who the perpetrator is, is the undisguised effort to remove legally owned firearms from law-abiding Americans.  Get rid of the guns and only criminals and terrorist will have guns.  Citizens will be defenseless.  The response of the police in San Bernardino in finding the pair of shoots and stopping them was exceptional.  You need to understand though that the Police are the second responders to a threat, the intended victim is the first responder. 

To unwind the web of connections among potential Jihadist, re-enable the NSA meta phone data surveillance.   Deporting visa violators.  Stop importing refugees. Breakup no-go zones in Muslim communities and deport those who are not interested in integrating into American society.  Infiltrate Mosques to gain intelligence on radicalization efforts to root out the perpetrators.

For each of us individually, our action next year is to elect representatives who can describe the people who are committing violence against Citizens.  A representative that can use the words that we associate with the vile evil that murders in the name of Allah. Elect someone that understands that evil walks on two legs and must be dealt with before pushing green energy.  I haven’t seen a report of a Jihadist driving a Prius yet. 



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