December 10, 2015: Co-Salesmen of the Year

While NICS (National Instant Criminal Background Check System) background checks do not correlate to a one to one purchase of firearm, trends can be detected in the data.  With December 2015 yet to be reported by the FBI, the total 2015 checks are on pace to exceed the record year of 2013.   (

That year was following the shootings at Sandy Hook Elementary.  The President was Salesman of the Year for 2013 because of his rhetoric.  2015 will surpass 2013,  partly because of the President’s rhetoric and because of the Terrorist attack on US soil in San Bernardino on December 2. 

It will be interesting to see to what level the demand from new firearms owners will have on supplies.  I suspect it will be tempered by the Presidents failures to date to enact legislation or issue Executive Orders that significantly impact Citizens rights. 

The growth of first time firearms owners does not correlate to responsible firearms owners.  Buyers who are impulsive and motivated by fear of our Government are not necessarily the gun owners who will Take Time To Train and secure their firearms.  Buyers motivated by self-defense and defense of others may be a little more interested in becoming proficient and keeping their firearms away from unauthorized users.  Including taking measures to prevent their theft. 

What ever the motivation for a first time gun owner, they represent an opportunity for teaching.  Hopefully through formal education like NRA Basic Pistol Shooting, Personal Protection Inside the Home, and Personal Protection Outside the Home.  If you are in contact with a new firearm owner, take it upon yourself to suggest training classes or take them to a range yourself and offer some mentoring. 

Convey that the most important factor in choosing a firearm is the purpose of the firearm.  Personal protection in the home is typically the purview of full size pistols (including revolvers), short barreled shotguns, and for experienced rifle shooters, a rifle may be a good choice.  Any purchase of a firearm should also include the purchase of a suitable safe which can be secured to a stationary fixture.

Personal protection outside the home is a much more complex undertaking.  The requirements for obtaining a concealed carry license in Florida are not severe.  The results from ignorance in their use can be tragic.  Take Time To Train © 


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