December 25, 2015: Merry Christmas

And a Happy New Year.  2015 marks the second tax filing year for Keep And Bear, LLC. The IRS will be happy because the company finished the year in the black. There were 15 students seats including one private lesson.  That represents 10 individuals.  Four of those were new handgun shooters.  It is gratifying to see the development in these Citizens knowledge, skills, and attitude regarding firearms.

It was a diverse group ranging from college students to a retired couple.  The gender split was 7 female and 3 male.  For the new handgun shooters the split was even at 2 each.  The group was geographically diverse as well.  One student came from Washington D. C.  OK she didn’t fly in from DC just to take the class.  But she took a day out of her itinerary to take a class.  More reasonably there were students from Orlando,  Wimauma, Tampa and Lutz.

So it’s time to close out 2015 and start planning the first class for 2016.



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