December 31, 2015: What’s Ahead?

The election year of 2016 is an opportunity to fundamentally transform our Federal Government. While the current administration has been trying to fundamentally transform America, it really has been a continued deterioration rather than a transformation. 

All 435 seats to the House of Representatives are going to be voted on. 34 of the 100 Senate seats are going to be voted on.  The one Presidential seat is going to be voted on. 

This election represents a 100% turnover of the Executive Branch, an 87.67% turnover of the Legislative Branch. The Judicial Branch is stagnate at this time but there is ever a chance that an appointment could be made before January 2017. 

Issues that concern me include:

The Social Security Trust Fund: what’s you plan to refund the money that has been taken out and used for purposes other than paying benefits?

The Second Amendment: what’s your position on the purpose of the second amendment? If you say it is for hunting and recreational use then I think you don’t understand the foundation of the United States of America. 

The Internal Revenue Service: what’s your plan to eliminate the current tax code and what will you replace it with? I don’t think I should have to hire a tax professional or use a computer program to prepare my Federal Tax Return.  Congress should be able to enact a Federal Tax code that is equitable, concise and not subject to conflicting interpretations.  

Immigration: What is your view of “Sanctuary Cities”? True or False, illegal immigrants depress the labor market and artificially depress the cost of agriculture.  True or False, H-1B visas are necessary because there are not enough American Citizens with STEM degrees or experience.  True or False, Foreign workers artificially depress the cost of labor in STEM related careers.

Environmental Protection Agency: True or False, the EPA is overreaching its mandate to justify its existence and having a depressing impact on the national economy?

This is just a short list and not the extent of my concerns about our governance. Think about the issues you must deal with every day or every year that are controlled by the Federal Government.  Write to your representatives in the House of Representatives and the Senate and tell them what you think their priorities should be.  Tell them your suggestions for solutions, it not in granular detail, at least in general guidelines. Tell them what you support and what you oppose. 

Let’s get involved and engage each other in the process.


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