January 28, 2016: Campus Carry

After a favorable 8 to 5 vote in the Criminal Justice Subcommittee, a favorable 10 to 3 vote in the Higher Education and Workforce Subcommittee, and a Favorable 13 to 5 vote in the Judiciary Committee, House Bill 4001 (2016 session) has stalled.  But not because of the Florida House of Representatives. Continue reading


January 22, 2016: Doctors

Doctors Oz and Roizen in a King Features Syndicate, bemoan the lack of research money for gun violence. Specifically for the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and the National Institutes of Health.  They start off by comparing the bans on smoking in most bars and restaurants, spitting in public, and dancing on Sunday in many States to the CDC and NIH bans on researching gun violence imposed by Congress.   Continue reading

January 7, 2016: Executive Orders


Though not an expressed provision or statute, executive orders have been justified through constitutional reasoning of the “take Care” clause (Article II Section 3, clause 5) AKA Faithful Execution Clause or Faithfully Executed Clause. Whenever reasoning is involved there will be difference of opinion on what is reasonable. 

Executive Orders are subject to judicial review based on conforming to the Constitution and the legal effect of the order. If not overturned by judicial review, executive orders have the full force of law. This is the most narrow path of any idea to become law in our country.  It only requires the President and five Supreme Court Justices.  The Legislative Branch can be bypassed completely. Continue reading