February 26, 2016: Kel Tec PF9 Review

At the Gun Store:  The Kel Tec PF9 is a short recoil operated DAO with an internal hammer.  The hammer is visible from the rear but it does not protrude at any point in the firing sequence. 

The specs from Kel Tec differ from what I put in the Fact Sheet. The Kel-Tec spec for width lists .88 inches.  That is true of the slide if you measure at the serrations and the grip if measured between the gator skin bumps.  I measure the widest point which is at the slide release.  Continue reading


February 19, 2016: Gun Bounty Payday

Heading-onThe new gun bounty program administered by Crime Stoppers of Tampa Bay paid off in the first 24 hours.  A man was arrested charged with armed robbery.  The suspect allegedly stole a backpack from a HARTLINE patron and when the patron gave chase, the robber displayed a gun and demanded the patron’s wallet. 

An anonymous tip about the location of the robber led to the arrest of Shakorreon Elijah Hall in a hotel room.  The tipster has seen photographs and video from the HARTLINE bus surveillance cameras posted on the Crime Stoppers website.