April 15, 2016: Last Call for NRA Basic Pistol Shooting Course

One month untill the NRA imposed deadline for teaching or taking the fully instructor led NRA Basic Pistol Shooting Course.  A search within 100 miles of zip code 33559 shows 19 course still being offered before the deadline.  There are a few bargains left in this   group, Paisley FL for $45, one in Deland for $65, and Ocala for $75, one other for $90.  The remainder of the courses seem to be pricing for the rarity of the totally instructor lead course and are charging between 125 to 150 with one course at $200 and on the last day at $240.  This info was obtained from     http://www.nrainstructors.org/SearchResults.aspx?State=n&zip=33559&radius=100.1&id=2&bsa=&youth=&women=

 I found I could not order any more student packages since the beginning of the year.  Since I run with a 4 to 6 week lead time I was shut down.  That’s why you don’t see an offering in Thonotosassa (east of Tampa) for $75. 

I have a couple of FIRST Steps student packages left.  I offered to sell them to another instructor who was still listing in my area.  After he realized his own supply was in jeopardy of going unused he lost interest fast. 



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