May the Fourth Be With You

Conservatism takes a body blow on the national and local level.  Ted Cruz, the presidential candidate that seemed to understand and abide by the principles of the constitution ended his campaign for President.  In local news, the 123 year old, relatively conservative Tampa Tribune has been sold to the more liberal Tampa Bay Times.

Starting today, the Times will be arriving on my driveway. Since 2012 I’d had the choice between the Tribune and the Times. I have always chosen the Tribune. Now I will get an extended exposure to the Times while I serve out the remainder of my subscription. Times will tell if I can read progressive views and news bias or end up dropping the local print media. I have an affinity for print media since working on the oldest high school newspaper in Florida when I was a Junior and Senior in high school.

Paraphrasing John Ramil, CEO of TECO Energy, consolidation happens. He should know. He has guided the 116 year old Tampa Electric Company into the stable of Emera. But unlike the print news deal, Emera doesn’t operate in the same geography as TECO. Not as many people will lose their jobs, at least not in the first two years, reportedly.

The presumptive Republican nominee for President has expressed so many Democratic views prior to running for President, there is no chance of a conservative getting into the White House this year. Well I guess s/he could get a tour pass. I will vote for the insufferable Republican candidate over the insufferable Democratic candidate.

We know the assault on the Second Amendment and individual gun ownership rights will continue under a Democratic President.   There is a better chance Remington will make it to 204 years as an American firearms manufacturer if the Republican candidate wins the general election this November. A better chance Winchester will make it to 154 years. Congratulations to those two long running companies and their ability to adapt and persevere.

The force that needs to be with you and me is to continue to work toward limited government, fiscal responsibility, national security and the individual rights to pursue life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.


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