May 18, 2016: Disappearing From a Newsstand Near You

NewsstandEd Friedman, the Editor-in-Chief of Shooting Illustrated, described the “New Beginnings” for the newest Official Journal of the National Rifle Association.  The June 2016 issue will be the last available on newsstands.Going forward Shooting Illustrated will only be available to NRA members.  Current subscriptions will continue to be honored until the subscriptions end.  After that you will need to become and NRA member, if you are not already, and choose Shooting Illustrated as your publication of choice, or add it as an additional publication with your membership.

There has not been any mention of editorial changes to the magazine, only the “Official” designation and removing access to non-members.  There is no mention of the economics of the changes but I can’t help but think saving money is part of it.

The NRA announced a hike in the cost of membership earlier in the year.  The blended on-line basic pistol shooting course brings training revenue directly to the NRA.  The NRA has requested members who are in an Easy Pay Life Member plan to accelerate payments.   All these things taken together indicate an organization that needs revenue to drive it’s message on the national scene during the run up to the 2016 election.

The organizational urgency is not lost on members who realize the election this year is not just for a President.  The 2016 election represents a longer lasting decision because the President will nominate at least one Judge for the Supreme Court of the United States.  If you are indifferent to either of the two major party front running candidates, you need to engage and consider who will be nominated for the lifetime appointment on the Supreme Court.

The court is ideologically split.  The deciding vote in Heller and McDonald is gone.  Put Garland on the bench and a Democrat in the White House and count the days before Heller is reheard. 

Trivia question: What handgun appeared on the last newsstand copy of Shooting Illustrated?  Answer:  The Ruger American.

Get it? Got it?  Prepare to vote!






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