May 30, 2016: Memorial Day


From Decoration Day to the current last Monday of May Memorial Day, this is a solemn holiday to remember and recognize the sacrifice of those who have died in defense of their country.

My wife and I observed Memorial Day this year by going to our range and firing our own version of a twenty-one gun salute to those who made the last measure of devotion to our country. From there my wife went on to complete her Marksman Qualification in the Winchester/NRA Pistol Qualification.  Then she completed two strong side targets for the Marksman First Class Qualification before the sun was starting to heat up our covered shooting bays. 

I thought later about the transformation I have witnessed in the last year. Once the prerequisite desire to learn caught on with her, she has been a diligent student attending the NRA Basic Pistol course and the NRA Personal Protection In the Home course.  Additionally, and as importantly have been the range sessions and dry fire sessions. 

Her gun of choice has been a revolver but she is also talking about spending time in future sessions using a semi-automatic to build up the same familiarity and confidence she feels with the revolver. From an Instructors perspective she is the ideal student.  She has the desire to learn and improve her skills combined with a willingness to spend the time improving her skills. 

Social interactions with other shooters is a good way to get people to the range. A range session with friends followed by dinner with them is more enticing than just another trip to the range.  Having your life’s partner participate and see the improvements in their skill really lets you know, if a situation goes south, you’ve got each other’s back.  

Take Time To Train.


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