October 15, 2016: I Tuned In …

to the second Presidential debate held October 9. Hillary Clinton is a much more polished public speaker than Donald Trump.  She was much more engaging with the selected questioners both during and after the debate. 

Her presentation was smooth and patient. I understand why she has a following.  If Hillary Clinton did not have a history, she would be a compelling candidate.

But Hillary Clinton does have a history. As Hillary Rodham she was appointed to represent Thomas Alfred Taylor who was accused of raping a 12 year old girl. Though she states that she was reluctant to take the case, once committed, she applied a “win, no matter what it takes” style to the defense.

 The defense of Taylor involved an affidavit by Rodham in which she “had been informed” and “had been told” characteristics of the 12 year old victim, such that she was fantasizing about the encounter.  Evidence was mishandled.  Rodham’s defense was able to put forth an “expert” from New York who was “willing to come down here and prevent this miscarriage of justice”. 

It was not the expert from New York who miscarried justice. That was orchestrated by Hillary Rodham and Judge Cummings who reviewed the motions and evidence.  When the defense’s expert reported there was no evidence, Taylor pleaded guilty to “unlawful fondling of a child under the age of fourteen”.  From a possible 30 years in prison for rape to 5 years with 4 cancelled by the Judge, Taylor served less than a year in jail.  Taylors “fondling” resulted in the 12 year old victim requiring stitches in her genitals, put her in a coma for five days, and made her sterile. 

Character assassination, disappearing evidence, and influence peddling are the standard modus operandi for Hillary Clinton. She stated she was broke when she left the White House as First Lady.  She certainly made up for it as Secretary of State and after.  What kind of stories are fascinating enough to be worth $225,500 to an audience?  (Average fee from 2008 to 2016 – CNN)

When the debate got close to the end they finally ventured onto topics the new president will have a direct impact on, the Supreme Court and gun control. When discussing potential Supreme Court nominations, Mrs. Clinton never mentioned the Constitution.  I found that very odd.  Her primary requirement is not that Judges should uphold the constitution. Instead she wants Judges who are versed in the real world. 

The two party system this country operated under for 240 years is no longer “real” or appropriate for the future. I expect a future Clinton appointed court to mandate multi-party accommodation.  MEN, WOMEN, WANT TO BE FEMALE TODAY, WANT TO BE MALE TODAY, CONFUSED, SOMETHING ELSE, NONE.

This may be part of her plan to save the United States money. By having the Executive and Judicial branches of the Federal Government writing and enacting legislation through executive order, federal agencies, and case decisions, the Congress can be eliminated. 

Let’s go through a translation of Mrs. Clinton’s vision for gun control:

Universal Background Checks – The objective is to place EVERY firearms transaction under the control of the Federal Government. Right now if you want to buy a gun at a brick and mortar they have to hold a Federal Firearms License (FFL) and abide by all the record keeping that entails.  If you buy a gun online, you still have to pick it up from someone who has an FFL.  That is already Federal law. 

However if you decide to sell a firearm to someone you know who is a Citizen, not a felon, and not mentally incapacitated, you can do that without an FFL. If you want to give a gift of a firearm to someone who is not barred from owning a gun by Federal or State law you can do that.  

“Universal” makes it necessary for every firearms transaction to be done through an FFL. That means there is no more inheritance.  That means there is no loaning your gun to a friend or family member to use for a hunt or range session. 

Close the Gun Show Loop Hole – Federal and State laws are not altered inside a gun show. Dealers are still required to use an FFL for transfers to purchasers.  Private Citizens are not.  There’s the rub. Now we get into the weeds of legal definitions.  Dealer, Private Citizen, and Income are open to interpretation by a Judge if a Private Citizen is charged with selling firearms without a Federal Firearms License.  

Lest you think the idea of restricting firearm inheritance is taboo, consider The New York state law that allow police to confiscate the firearms of deceased gun owners. The law is said to be rarely enforced but it already exists.  Cross referencing gun permits with death certificates was the City of Buffalo’s plan. 

I plan to pass on watching the third debate. The recent publication of taped conversations of Trump and email dumps of Clinton and her staff make me think the third debate will be even more personal attacks and back and forth screeching by both candidates.  My time will be better spent reading a chapter in my Bible and cleaning my gun. 

To paraphrase Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, – Once you eliminate the candidate who must not be President, whoever remains, no matter how improbable, must be the candidate you vote for. It’s not reassuring to know that half of the voters could look at that statement and come to the conclusion to vote for the other candidate. 


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