November 10, 2016: I VOTED

5 million card carrying NRA member gave a collective sigh of relief Wednesday morning when they got the news that Donald J. Trump had won the 2016 Presidential election. The thought of getting a few months respite from Chris Cox’s plea for money to fight the good fight on the Federal level gave way quickly when they realized the fight is going to shift to the States.

The sound of a winding down donation engine was quickly replaced by the same engine spinning back up as members learned that voters in Washington, California, and Nevada had passed gun control ballot initiatives. Maine residents had also voted on a gun control ballot initiative, but they chose not to pass it.

While you are waiting to see when Barbara Streisand, Bryan Cranston, Amy Schumer, Whoopi Goldberg, Jon Stewart, and the Rev. Al Sharpton leave the country, keep an eye out to see if Kim Rhode moves out of California.  Kim Rhode is America’s most decorated Olympic shooter.  Every practice session she uses hundreds of rounds that will soon be subject to background checks. 

I consider myself a pretty logical guy. I can program in several languages going back to FORTRAN 77 They all require logic to make a computer program do something.  However, I cannot decipher the logic of California Lt. Gov. Gavin Newsom when he stated: “It’s a very important initiative because I think it’s the beginning of a national debate on relinquishment (by felons) and ammunition background checks that will I think will have a very significant impact on reducing gun violence in this country.”

All I see is another politician who cannot change the behavior of criminals, so he lashes out irrationally at law abiding citizens. By making it illegal to share or loan firearms, California is going to greatly reduce the upcoming generation’s use of firearms for self-defense, and sporting purposes.  But since that is the goal of Democrats, to disarm the populace, methods don’t matter, only results.

The change in Nevada sounds like the current situation in Florida except for the “Private Sales” that Florida allows. Nevada will mandate that all gun purchases require the buyer to pass a background check from a licensed dealer.  Exemptions for family members and temporary transfers for hunting or sport shooting.  Hum, doesn’t specify self-defense situations. 

The defeated Maine initiative was to require background checks on “Private Sales”. The same concept that Nevada voters ACCECPTED as part of their gun control package. 

Washington voters approved the creation of “Extreme Risk Protection Orders” (ERPO) which will dissolve the gun rights of an individual based on the statement of someone else. Washington already has requirements for background checks for “Private Sales”

Oregon also already has requirements for background checks on “Private Sales”. The greater restriction on these “Private Sales” laws is that they include activities which are not “sales” at all.  The temporary transfer of a firearm during an activity such as a training class, a hunting trip, or another type of firearms sporting event is also considered a “Private Sale”. The Left Coast has turned a traditional American activity into a crime. 

If Isoroku Yamamoto were alive today he might reconsider and try to take the country west of the Sierra Nevada and the Cascade Mountains. This is the making of another “Red Dawn” plot line.  The Left Coast is invaded and it is up to the criminals to repel the attack. 


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