January 20, 2016: Inauguration Day

The end of an era, or to reuse a bumper sticker phrase my former neighbors put on one of their cars in 2004 “The end of an error”.  It’s about perspective, they packed it in and moved to the Left coast during the 44th President’s first term. 

The transition of the administration of our Government from one ideology to another is a hallmark of the United States Constitutional Republic.  This years transition is a see-saw where half the country is relieved and hopeful while the half that supported hope and change is now hopeless. 

I have never seen so many young men and women carrying M1 Garand or bolt-action rifles, many with fixed bayonets.  Shocking in Washington D.C. where open carry is prohibited.  Obviously special dispensation for the Inauguration Parade. 

I won’t speculate if they were ceremonial or functional.  But even if they all the bolts were welded shut, the visual presentation of so many Americans carrying rifles and swords accompanied by marching music is so much more encouraging that a parade of flowers.  Not a rifleman behind every blade of grass, but enough to have had an escort for every marching band.

Protesters didn’t mar the day but criminal activity did.  Windows and cars were destroyed, fires were started, spectators were intimidated and prevented from traversing to places they had lawful rights to be.  I know some of the locals who live within a mile of the White House camped out out Reagan National for 5 hours to get a flight to South Carolina for the weekend.  They expected disrupters to pop up where ever TV crews were near. 

I don’t expect President Trump to be the firearms and ammunition salesman that his predecessor was.  I expect that firearm and ammunition manufactures will see their profits slip.  They should still be OK.

I came across a hopeful piece of news yesterday that was actually a month old.  Lee Williams, The Gun Writer (www.thegunwriter.com) reported back in December that he had received notice from Josh Powell of the NRA that the “Blended” Basic Pistol Course was going to be “fixed”.  I have not been able to second source the information and the NRA is certainly not providing any updates to its instructors through email or the NRAINSTRUCTORS.ORG web site. 

If the NRA reinstates the instructor led Basic Pistol Course to its pre-May 2016 configuration, and keeps the online Phase I course with followup Instructor led Phase II course as another training option, that will be welcome news.  I know I have a backlog of students and could book a courses as soon as I could get the student packets. 

God Bless America


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