March 26, 2017: XGrip Review

XGrip makes magazine adapters to fill the space of a standard magazine to a compact frame.  This review is specific to the Smith & Wesson M&P 40c. 

What stated as a concealed carry S&W M&P 40c has been transferred to the car.  I found the 40c heavier than I wanted to carry.  I went to an S&W M&P Shield to fill that purpose. 

The space I have in a car is suitable for the 40c.  The full size M&P is a bit to long as is the Glock 22.  The 40C was ready to find a useful place again. 

With two standard magizines and one in the chamber the total load out is 21 rounds.  Where I didn’t have room for more barrel I could make room for more grip.  I lifted the gun up 3/4″ using Neoprene coated closed cell foam cut with the appropriate angles.  This allowed for some more space and I verified the spacing with a full size 9mm M&P magazine. 

I knew about the XGrip but had no experience with them.  I found had them for 12.99 and S&W M&P 40 15 round magazine on sale for $25.  I considered that an excellent price for genuine S&W magazines.  I will pay extra for OEM magazines after having wasted hard earned coin on aftermarket magazines. 

I ordered two magazines and two XGrips.  When they arrived I put them together and did some dry fire exercises to get the feel.  The XGrip gives a very nice finished look to the mashup between compact frame and full size magazines. 

The additional .542″ of length on the front strap gives full purchase to my little finger.  The longer standard magazine with the XGrip also gives more real estate for you strong and weak side palms for more purchase on the frame

On the Range:  The extra skin on the frame and the extra mass from 5 additional rounds, and the additional length of the grip help  reduce the snap of the .40 S&W.  I had liked the feel from the dry fire session and I became an even bigger fan during live fire.

With the same sights, barrel and slide, the accuracy didn’t change.  The improvement felt was a reduction in muzzle rise and a light reduction in felt recoil.  The load out with two full magazines and one in the chamber went from 21 rounds to 31 round, a 50% increase.  That makes the upgrade worth the price. 





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