December 30, 2017: Florida Selects NRA Hunter Education Course

The Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission has approved the free NRA Hunter Education Training course ( as one of courses that will satisfy their requirements for online training.  Combined with a Skills Day course these two steps are one path to obtaining a Florida Hunter Safety Card.  The card is required (in most circumstatnces to obtain a Florida Hunting Permit)   The promotional material from the NRA notes that the NRA developed the first ever hunter education program in 1949 for New York state.  The offering of this free course is in keeping with one of the NRA primary purposes which is education.  The link from the Florida Fish and Wildlife Commission takes you to the following link:

As of this writing Florida and Oregon have adopted the course.  The NRA is working to bring this free course to all 50 states. The inclusion of the other 48 states in a “Not Currently Available:” list indicates this desire.  

Floridians need to sign up for a Skills Day BEFORE taking the online course. 


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