January 30, 2019: Another Apex Trigger Job

Having obtained an exceptional result with the M&P flat faces trigger replacement (November 30, 2018), I was emboldened to try another upgrade. This time I set my sights on an S&W SD9. While the M&P M2.0 upgrades provided an updated trigger, there has been no update to the SD trigger.  I was primarily interested in getting a flatter trigger face and reducing the pull weight.   Both of these goals was met after installing the Apex Tactical Solutions SD Polymer Action Enhancement Trigger (107-003) and the SD Spring kit (107-120).

The subject gun is an SD9 with the FDE polymer frame and a black slide.  This slide is marked SD9, not SD9VE.  The Value Enhancement features are still fuzzy to me.  removal of the Night Sights from the Original SD and using a polished stainless steel slide instead of a coated stainless steel slide is all I have been able to discern as differences.

I watched the videos on the APEX Tactical Solutions website and was initially confused by the depiction of the replacement of the sear spring.  A sear spring is not included in the SD Spring Kit.  Otherwise the instructions were clear.

I highly recommend having a set of roll-pin  punches for this job. They are much better at keeping the roll pins from getting marred or collapsing the ends than flat face punches.

The installation took about an hour which included watching the videos.  Adjustment of the over travel took longer.  The videos warned of this with their recommendation to take the trigger out to file down the back side surface which acts at the stop.  I didn’t have the patience for that route so I used a small file with the trigger installed.

The trigger stops when it comes in contact with the frame.  APEX provides a little extra material to compensate for differences in frames.  This allows the user to fine tune the break at the end of travel.  You have to keep filing until you get 100% function of the sear with each trigger pull.  The process when through a phase when the sear would release if I shook the gun.  Keep filing.  I eventually got to 100% dry firing filing the back of the trigger and a little of the frame to flatten out the line from the frame mold.

The stock trigger averaged 7 pounds 3 ounces.  The enhanced trigger averaged 4 pounds 14 ounces.  The length of pull is 2.7″.  The break occurs at 2.37″ resulting in a travel length of .33″.  Reset is back out at around 2.64″.

At the Range:  I have been a fan of the SD grip since the Sigma.  It just fits me.  With the reduced trigger pull it’s easier to keep the sights aligned through the pull and thus the shots will group better.  I had an untimed score on an AP-2 target at 15′ of 191 using the Distinguished Expert course of fire (five two hand strong, five one hand strong, five two hand weak, five one hand weak).

The APEX SD Polymer Enhancement Trigger with the SD Spring Kit enhances your ability to achieve the SD’s inherent accuracy.  I’m not a lawyer and this is not legal advise, but be aware that if you make this modification to your SD or SDVE, you’ll be dropping the gun out of the heavy Self Defense mode the manufacturer produced into another class of guns with sub 5 pound triggers.  By comparison a S&W M&P M2.0 Compact which has similar dimensions has a trigger pull of 4 pounds 14 ounces.  The M&P is likely to be used by law enforcement.  Let your attorney know you have enhanced the trigger to improve your accuracy if you are involved in a self defense shooting. 

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