May 31, 2019:PC Shield

PC = Performance Center NOT Politically Correct. As in the Smith & Wesson Performance Center’s new Shield variants. I have had two first model M&P Shields. The first in 9mm and the current carry gun in .40 S&W. I obviously like the gun enough to carry it, but I have always wanted a longer barrel. 

The M2.0 upgrades were not enough of an enhancement to entice me to trade in the Shield 40 for a M2.0 version. Now the S&W Performance Center is offering what I have wanted. A longer barrel on the same slender frame.  

There are three configurations for the three common calibers, 9mm Luger, 40 S&W, and .45 ACP.  With 4” barrels the other available configuration involve porting and optics mounting. It’s the 4” barrel that got my attention. 

So far my enthusiasm is based on an article in an NRA newsletter and a perusal of the Smith & Wesson website. The specs are what I’ve wanted in a carry gun. It seems like  SKU 11796 will be the gun that will get my vote with dollars.

The 4” barrel, longer site radius, M2.0 trigger and texture, along with fiber optic sights make this the gum worth the upgrade. Being able to move my existing laser sight to the new gun is the clencher. I see it as the 4” Compact M&P with some rounds squeezed out and the frame and slide flattened to under an inch. Not exactly but you get the idea.  

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