May 31, 2019:PC Shield

PC = Performance Center NOT Politically Correct. As in the Smith & Wesson Performance Center’s new Shield variants. I have had two first model M&P Shields. The first in 9mm and the current carry gun in .40 S&W. I obviously like the gun enough to carry it, but I have always wanted a longer barrel.  Continue reading


May 1, 2019:

This is one of those months when my “day job” interfered with my self-imposed deadline.  I expected myself to put up a column by the end of each month that has been researched for a few hours if not tens of hours.  All of my “extra” hours went to the day job in April.  Realization that today was the first of May and I had missed my April 30 deadline was devastating.

I have topics queued up, but no research has done,