June 30, 2019: Birmingham AL

An event had us taking a road trip to Birmingham Alabama at the end of June.  Once off the concrete corridor also know as I-75, We headed north-east on 82, 520 and 280.  The navigator in the maps app got confused and couldn’t cope for about 45 minutes after we made an unscheduled stop.  “Return to Route, Return to Route” echoed in the cabin as our GPS tracked a somewhat parallel course several miles away from actual location. Continue reading


May 31, 2019:PC Shield

PC = Performance Center NOT Politically Correct. As in the Smith & Wesson Performance Center’s new Shield variants. I have had two first model M&P Shields. The first in 9mm and the current carry gun in .40 S&W. I obviously like the gun enough to carry it, but I have always wanted a longer barrel.  Continue reading

May 1, 2019:

This is one of those months when my “day job” interfered with my self-imposed deadline.  I expected myself to put up a column by the end of each month that has been researched for a few hours if not tens of hours.  All of my “extra” hours went to the day job in April.  Realization that today was the first of May and I had missed my April 30 deadline was devastating.

I have topics queued up, but no research has done,