July 30, 2017: LaserLyte LT-PRE

LASERLYTE recently added an on/off switch to the front of the Laser Trainer LT-PRO and made the new model the LT-PRE. The PRE meaning PREMIUM.  The MSRP at the time of this review was $120.95

I had purchased one back in May, but for various reasons had not taken it out to use. I finally did on Saturday July 8, 2017.  I read the trifold installation/instruction pamphlet and installed three of the supplied six 377 batteries.  Press the on button and got a short laser flash indicating the unit was turned on.  A few turns of the caliber adapter and the unit was snuggly fit into the 9mm conversion barrel of a Glock 22. 

I setup a 9 inch blank paper target at 15 feet I starting testing the unit. The short red laser bursts were easily visible across an indoor room with an overhead light.   I was pulling the slide back an inch or so after every shot to reset the trigger.  The laser would also fire from the noise of the slide closing. 

One pull of the slide came back too far and the slide was locked open. I used the slide release to bring the slide home again but that shock was too much for this unit.  It stopped working.  Aauuugh.

I spent another 15 minutes messing with it to no avail. I called the provided number to get a Return Authorization Number.  Nobody working in Arizona at 9 o’clock on a Saturday night?  Aauugh.  I left a detailed message and packed it up for the night. 

When I called Saturday I left a cell phone number as the contact that doesn’t have voice mail. Realizing that could be problematic I called the number again Monday morning.  Within a few minutes of discussion with Serena Fairchild at LaserLyte Customer Service and Returns I had a Return Authorization Number. A few minutes I had an email with instructions from Serena.

I had also gotten a call from a 928 area code number while on a conference call Monday morning. I got another call at 1:51pm.  The voice message that I left Saturday night was returned Monday.   They weren’t satisfied with the first attempt, which I wasn’t able to answer and called again.  When I spoke to (I’m sorry I didn’t retain the name), she was perfectly amiable that I had already obtained a RAN.  I was impressed that LaserLyte Customer Service and Returns followed up with the voice mail so promptly.

I packed up the unit and paid the USPS a total of $10.50 for the postage and $150 in insurance. It was delivered to the post office to ship on July 11, 2017. 

Wait Patiently.

On the 14th I received an email from UPS indicating that I would receive a package from LaserLyte on the 20th.  By late in the afternoon nothing had arrived and I was resigned to wait another day when the doorbell rang.  It came in a bubble envelop in the factory blister pack.  One side was cut off and then sealed with a sticker indicating it had been tested by LaserLyte Customer Service and Returns Department.  The package also contained a letter from Celina Morones indicating the return was a new laser that had been thoroughly tested and inspected by the Returns Department.

For my trouble and inconvenience LaserLyte included 12 more 377 batteries.

I unpack the new unit, installed the batteries, turned it on and gave it the full slide slamming home again. It kept going this time.  I aligned the mark on the LT-PRE with the front sight and found I did not need to adjust it for the gun I was using. 

I had also gotten a Steel Tyme target that I put behind a cut-out AP-2 target to use at 15 feet. Coincidentally the target area of the Steel Tyme is 2.5”.  About the same as the area around a 10 ring on an AP-2 when you consider rounds that “cut the circle”.  I think this is clear and incontrovertible evidence of collusion between the NRA and LaserLyte.  How else could they have arrived at that kind of target area on a target? 

My brother and I have been working through the Distinguished Expert qualification and I found my left one hand shots were making the difference in not getting over the 170 mark. Using the combination of the LT-PRE and the Steel Tyme I was able to determine that I was pushing the trigger finger of my left hand across the trigger face as I pulled the trigger and that was pushing shots to the left.  The laser shot generated by the LT-PRE is long enough to be able to visually detect inducted motion while the shot is being fired. 

I also experimented with positions that brought the front sight closer to my eye so that I could focus on it better. I ended up using the less conventional trigger foot behind when shooting one handed.  I think being cross-eye dominant also lead to this less conventional stance working best for me. 

The instruction/installation tri-fold lists five areas the use of the LT-PRE can improve:

Improved Trigger Control

Unsighted Fire/Point and Shoot

Shooting from the holster

Precision Shooting

Unorthodox Shooting positions

I would agree with all of those.   The one that may be difficult to achieve because of your equipment is the Shooting from the holster.  The LT-PRE extends beyond the front of the gun.  If you holster is open ended then this could work.  Pouch holsters or those that are closed on the muzzle end may not accommodate the extra length. 

When I put the LT-PRE in the barrel of a Ruger GP100 I found height adjustment was necessary. The height of the sights above the bore is much greater on the GP 100 than the Glock 22.  With the adjustable adapter the LT-PRE is designed to be used in barrels from .38” to .50”. 

June 30, 2017: FL SYG Amendment

News: Florida Governor Scott signed into law an amendment to the Statute 776.032 (Stand Your Ground). Immunity from criminal prosecution and civil action for justifiable use or threatened use of force.  The effect shifts the burden of proof to the prosecution when Stand Your Ground immunity is asserted by a criminal defendant.  The State (prosecution) must overcome the asserted immunity with clear and convincing evidence. 

Related News: Florida Governor Scott signed into law an amendment to Statute 766.013 (Justifiable use of Force).  The effect is to remove inconsistencies with other Statutes.  Continue reading

May 26, 2017: Buckhorn Firing Blanks


The May 23, 2017 issue of the Tampa Bay Times reported that Tampa Mayor Bob Ruckhorn apologized for a joke about firing .50 caliber blanks at local reporters. He reportedly has told this story several times before.  It received applause when told before more than 1,000 attendees at the Special Operations Industry Conference last week.  This week it has received widespread condemnation from reporters.  Continue reading

April 26, 2017: S&W M&P Shield 40

At the Gun Store:

The fish scale cuts at the rear of the slide, the curved cut grip panels on the frame, the slide release, the take down lever, and the cut of the slide all identify this as a Smith & Wesson Military & Police. The Shield was introduced in 2012 as a sub-compact extension of the M&P line of striker fired, polymer frame, semi-automatic pistols.  Slimmer, lighter, shorter than the MSP 40C, the Shield has become a popular concealed carry and backup duty gun. Continue reading